VIP Customer Club

Member Benefits

Exclusive VIP Member Savings

We have many great Scentsy Saving Tips that take advantage of the specials that we offer our VIP Customer Club members.

Free Shipping & Half Price Deals

Only BarStore VIP Club members get the details on how our Free Shipping and half-price on 6-packs consultant specials work

Just One Way to Join

It’s simple to join but there is just one way, text “barstore” to 69696

Text "barstore" to 69696 to Join Today!

(Note: are you a Scentsy Consultant?  Please don’t try to join our VIP Customer Club, it’s just for our customers, Thanks!) VIP Club

When you join by texting “barstore” to 69696 you will be added to our sms text list as well as our email list.

You can opt out of either list at any time if you get tired of getting Scentsy saving tips, but we hope you won’t.
We will contact you a couple times a month by text when we have a special that you will really love.

And about every week or so we will email you a new Scentsy Saving Tip.
Our VIP members love the free shipping benefits you get but we can only share the details when you have text “barstore” to 69696 to join the VIP Club list.

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