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What Are Scentsy Bars?

Scentsy bars are wickless candles and they are a safer alternative to the traditional candles that most people are familiar with. They’re simple to use and all a person has to do is add a cube or two into the dish of a Scentsy Warmer and it will fill the space with a lovely, and long lasting fragrance.

The Scentsy Bars come in a plastic clamshell that has eight, break-a-part wax cubes. You can select from a variety of scents or mix and match a few of them to create your own personalized scent selection.

To use, you simply turn your Scentsy warmer on and place your wax cubes into the tray on top of the heating unit. This is a ceramic tray and it will contain the wax as it melts and thus avoids creating a mess.

The wax cubes are readily available from Scentsy consultants directly or from a Scentsy Consultant’s website. Again, you can mix and match these to create your very own personalized scent and enjoy the scent throughout your home. It’s a great way to keep the air fresh and clean and smelling wonderful.

A Scentsy bar is special because wax cubes that are used in Scentsy products are made up of a combination of ingredients. These ingredients are a “secret recipe” however what is known is that they use a food-grade petroleum based form of wax to create their wonderful scents.

There are also Scentsy Diffusers that work as an ultrasonic nebulizer and diffuse the scent into the air, however, these work slightly differently than the wax warmers.

The wax warmers are ideal and you can simply plug them in and as they heat up the wax will melt and begin to diffuse the scent into the air in and around the room that it’s placed in. Many state that the subtle fragrance will permeate the entire house (this may be dependent on the scent that is selected).

Always keep in mind that even though you can melt other wax products in the Scentsy warmer, this will invalidate the warranty on the unit. Scentsy warmers are designed to be used with Scentsy products and other types of wax may heat and melt differently and could potentially cause a fire, damage to the unit or toxins to be released into the air.

Scentsy wax bars are specifically designed to melt at a specific temperature and to release their fragrance accordingly. When they reach the melting point they begin to diffuse their scents into the air.

Scentsy refills are readily available from your Scentsy dealer or online as stated above. Everyone has their own personal style and fragrance preference and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to ask your Scentsy consultant.

Sometimes there are scents that have been discontinued but the dealer can still get ahold of a few of these that may be left behind. Don’t be afraid to ask. The worse you can hear is that the scent is no longer available.

The Scentsy wax bars go by a variety of names including Scentsy cubes, refills, bars and simply wax bar. Keep in mind that everyone may be using a different term for the product so make sure that you know what you’re getting when you ask for it.

Scentsy bars offer a unique and fresh scent for your entire home. Many people use a warmer in several rooms of the home to enjoy the fresh yet subtle fragrance all day long. It can give the entire home a fresh smell, even if you have pets that smell.

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