Be a Scentsy Saver

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Be a Scentsy Saver

Scentsy Saving Secrets Cheat Sheet

Request your “Scentsy Saving Secrets Cheat Sheet” and learn how to:
Order Scentsy Wax Bars for as little as $4.50 each with free shipping in small quantities
(your Cheat Sheet includes a special tip to get Scentsy Bars for less than $1.50 each with free shipping
Hint, Scentsy likes to reward Hosts)
Just fill out the form to the right and we will get it right back to you.

Scentsy Clearance Deals

Check the clearance deals here for the best current offers for your favorite Scentsy On Sale items.

Scentsy Scent and Warmer of the Month

Scentsy’s latest warmer and scent is always 10% off.  Check out the latest Warmer and Scent of the Month Here.

Scentsy Bundle and Save

Most shoppers get more than one Scentsy item at a time.  Did you know you can save if you are getting at least 3 items in one order.  Check out all the Scentsy Bundle and Save offerings here.

Scentsy Corporate Offers

If you love Scentsy you need to know that Scentsy loves you back and offers so many ways to get amazing saving opportunities into your hands.  That is one reason it is great to have a Scentsy Consultant who can guide you to the best saving strategies.

You are here because you are sold on the Scentsy concept of enjoying great scents at home and on the go without the issues that candles have.

If you enjoy Scentsy often you will want to make sure you are getting the best deal when you order refills.

Scentsy makes great gifts during the holidays and throughout the year, so learning about bundling deals and half-price items as well as monthly deals and closeouts are important to savvy Scentsy customers.

And don’t forget every August and February just about everything at Scentsy is 10% off for the whole month.

Larger orders can qualify for free shipping on Scentsy orders to add another great saving opportunity.

Saving as a Scentsy Ambassador

If you really love Scentsy you will want to share it with your friends.  Scentsy knows this and also knows that the best way to get the word out about Scentsy is to encourage (read reward) people who will help share the Scentsy story.  Many of our customers act as Scentsy Ambassadors hosting events that mostly take place online on a special event website we make for them.  During the event they can talk to friends about Scentsy, (and show them too with our new Scentsy Mini-Fan Diffuser Kit), and even host a home get-together so friends can see Scentsy in action.

Scentsy Ambassadors who host events enjoy substantial rewards, including ways of getting Scentsy bars for about $2.00 each.

Saving as a Scentsy Consultant

One nice benefit of being a Scentsy Consultant is that you can earn a commission from 20% to 30% of your sales including what you order for your own needs.  We don’t recommend becoming a consultant just to save but if you like the idea of sharing Scentsy and earning at the same time it could be right for you.  (To stay active as a Scentsy consultant you do need to sell or order at least $200 in one month out of every 4 months.)

Take advantage of Scentsy Consultant Specials

Scentsy allows all consultants to make special offers to their customers to save even more.  We are not allowed to share the actual details of any of our Scentsy consultant specials online; only privately by email or message to our customers. So be sure to stay in touch with your Scentsy Consultant to learn about their specials.

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