Why You Should Be a Scentsy Consultant

If you’ve never tried Scentsy, you’re in for a treat. A Scentsy consultant is an independent contractor that works for herself. She will be a Scentsy rep and dealer and able to set her own hours. By choosing to be a Scentsy Independent Consultant, you’re taking a step into your future and running your own business. You can set it up to run on the side of your other job, or you can run it as your main job.

Choose your own hours.

By choosing your own hours you’re able to be there for your family as they need you and yet still earn extra money for your family. Scentsy representatives enjoy a lot of perks. Scentsy consutants get to smell the newest scents before they ever hit the market and they get to try out new products. They can run their business however they choose and throw parties, get-togethers and use their own personal websites to help promote the Scentsy products. When a person is looking for a Scentsy consultant they can visit the main Scentsy.com website and use the Scentsy consultant locator and find the consultant nearest to them.

Scentsy is their to help

This makes it easier than ever to help promote your own personal website in an area where there may not be very many representatives. It will help others to readily find the consultant and purchase their licensed Scentsy products from them.  A Scentsy rep will have a variety of products available and be able to go over options with his or her customers. The Scentsy distributor will have a number of options for his or her customer needs.

Find a Scentsy Consultant

If you’ve ever struggled to find a Scentsy representative in your local area, you’ll appreciate how Scentsy helps you by using a variety of techniques to help you find a Scentsy consultant. With Scentsy, you’re sure to enjoy a great side job or if you wish, make it your main job. It’s easy to get started and you can do so for under $100. There is no need to have a lot of stock on hand (although you’ll want to because you’re going to love all of their products and scents that can permeate your home and make it more likable).

We are here to help you

To get started, you can visit a Scentsy consultant website like OrderMyScents.com and sign up there. You can use the chat feature on this site to get all your questions answered about whether this might be a good fit for your situation. Keep in mind that no two experiences will be the same. What works well for one consultant may not work at all for another. That’s what makes Scentsy so great. There can be several consultants in a local area and yet, there is still need for the product. Since each consultant tends to market their business differently there is plenty of room to prevent saturating an area with representatives and overrunning the market.

You are your own boss

As an independent Scentsy consultant, your business is yours. You don’t have to stress over sharing it with someone else. You’re in charge of how you run your business (parties, word of mouth, just advertising your website and so on).  As a distributor, you’re going to have plenty of business by gradually building up a loyal customer base. Your customers are going to return time and again to stock up on their favorite scents.

Scentsy is always interesting

You’ll have seasonal scents and warmers that come in as well. So you will have a reason to give your customers a call and make sure that they are ready for the next season.  Scents are ever changing and evolving so you’ll have plenty of options at your fingertips. If your customer wishes to smell a new scent before purchase, you’re much more likely as an independent dealer to have one available for testing prior to purchase.

Join our Scentsy team

It’s easier than ever to start selling Scentsy products. You’ll love being your own boss and running your own business. It’s fun and rewarding and the company gives you plenty of great incentives as well.  If you wish to be a Scentsy Consultant let us know through the chat on this site.  We are here to help you successfully grow your new business venture. You’ll enjoy your new job (working for yourself) and your new life as a distributor and earn some extra money for you and your family to enjoy.

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