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The Scentsy culture promotes a lifestyle that includes a family of high quality products that truly impacts the lives of their customers and their families.  Scentsy products are sold directly from one person (Scentsy Consultant) to another person (Scentsy Customer).  Of course the customer can order online from Scentsy, but only from the website belonging to a Scentsy Consultant.

Our Top Scentsy Fans

Many of our Scentsy customers reach out and ask us how they can help us get the word out about Scentsy.  You may be surprised to learn that the majority of the population still does not even know about Scentsy or how it can impact the lives of their families.

We like to call these folks our Scentsy Ambassadors!  Scentsy gives us some great ways to reward our Scentsy Ambassadors so that more people know about Scentsy.

Evolution of the Scentsy Home Party

When Scentsy first started most of the sales were made through home parties.  While still a staple of sales for Scentsy in many areas, the home party plan has evolved to meet the times.  Where before it was common for people to regularly entertain their friends at their homes, nowadays people are more comfortable meeting at a restaurant or sports event for their kids or a quick lunch meeting away from work.

Scentsy Ambassadors Host Scentsy Events

At we have evolved the Scentsy party to more of an Event.  As a Scentsy Ambassador your Scentsy Event may last for a week or more.  Online or face-to-face (or a combination) you can promote your Scentsy Event the way you are most comfortable with.

The Scentsy Event Online Focus

The focus of your event is your Scentsy Event Website we build for you.  This gives you a focal point to direct people you talk to about Scentsy so they can learn more and place orders that you will get credit for.  Of course the more orders the more rewards you earn as the host of the Scentsy Event.

If you are active on Facebook we can help you connect your Facebook friends to your Scentsy Event, and we can even schedule a one hour Scentsy Event Facebook promotion to generate even more excitement about your Scentsy Event.

Scentsy Conversations Produce the Best Results

Our most successful Scentsy Ambassador events happen for ambassadors who are willing to do a little bit of “Show & Tell” in advance of and during their Scentsy Event.  We can supply you with catalogs, brochures, scent testers, and with the new Scentsy Go, portable scent device you can demonstrate the whole Scentsy concept in about 2 minutes.  Learn about our Scentsy Go Kit here.

Your Friends Are All Automatically VIP’s With Us

Since all our Scentsy customers can join our VIP Customer Club the orders that your friends place on your Scentsy Event page will get the same VIP Club benefits which will encourage even more ordering.  Be sure to go over the VIP Club benefits when you talk to your friends about ordering from your Event WebPage.  (We don’t share our BarStore VIP Customer Club benefits here on our website since they are Scentsy Consultant specials.  You will get all the details once you join as a member.)

Host a Scentsy Event Anytime

There is no restriction on how often our Scentsy Ambassadors hold a new event.  Some of our Ambassadors generate enough half-price and Scentsy host credits from their events to cover all the Scentsy products they need for their own use and gifts as well!

A Scentsy Consultant in the Making

Many of our Scentsy Ambassadors go on to becoming Scentsy Consultants, especially when the friends they ask to be part of their Scentsy Event ask how they can do their own event.

If you really like Scentsy ask us how to be a Scentsy Ambassador.  We are here for you as our customer, ambassador or consultant.

Become a Scentsy Ambassador

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