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Scentsy Products: More Than Just Warmers and Wax

Scentsy ProductsAlong with Scentsy’s amazing scented wickless candles, there are many Scentsy products that can fill your life and spirit with beautiful fragrances.



Scentsy Go

Scentsy GoThe Scentsy Go is the newest way to enjoy Scentsy fragrance in small spaces such as a car, small office, bathroom, or a small room in the house. They run on a rechargeable battery using and can last up to 40 hours on a full charge, making them perfect for on the go adventures. The Sentsy Go is about the size of a soda can and will fit in most cup holders or purses. It also has a neat color changing LED light that rotates through 7 colors if desired.  A two pack of pods is purchased separately and used inside the Go to spread the scent. Pods are available in fifteen different scent options and one-two pods can be used inside the Scentsy Go to suit your scent level needs.


Scentsy Diffusers and oils

Scentsy DiffuserScensy diffusers and oils stand out among the crowd for their quality craftsmanship and ingredients. Diffusers come in a variety of shade options and shades can be purchased separately to fit with different décor. Each diffuser comes with an electronic base to fill with the water and a few drops of oil.  Scentsy diffusers offer unique features such as a 16 LED color light changer, dimming, and flickering options. All Scentsy diffusers are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Scentsy essential and natural oils are made from only the finest natural Scensi fragrance ingredients.


Scentsy Products for Kids

Scentsy KidsScentsy offers kids a way to enjoy scents too! Limited edition buddies and buddy clips are scented stuffed animals that make the perfect gift for a child. Sidekicks offer infants a way to play and interact with scent in a whole new way. Scrubby buddies and bath smoothies make bath time extra special and children’s themed diffusers and oils bring fairy tales and the deep blue sea to life.  It’s hard to find a child who isn’t fascinated with Scentsy’s kid’s products.



Scentsy Body

Scentsy BodyScentsy body products offer some amazing things for your skin. Many of the body products are made from vitamin rich ingredients that naturally lock in moisture and overtime improve the look and feel of your skin. Scentsy offers body products in many scents that are neutral and would be appealing to everyone. Body products are available in ten expressive scents in a variety of skin products to suit all your skin needs.



Scentsy Clean

Scentsy CleanWith Scentsy clean your dishes, furniture, and counters can stay just as fresh and fragrant as the rest of your home. Scentsy kitchen soap is wonderful at dish work and the amazing scents will help it feel less like a chore. Scentsy Refresh can freshen up your linens, furniture, car seats, curtains, and any other fabric service that needs it. Scentsy counter clean is wonderful and leaves your counters shiny, fresh, and perfectly clean. It is great for kitchens and bathroom countertops.



Scentsy Laundry

Scentsy LaundryLove your laundry with Scentsy’s laundry products. Concentrated Laundry liquid, washer whiffs, and dryer disks leave your laundry clean and freshly fragrant. All you need to keep your clothes fresh for up to a month depending on how frequently they are washed. A laundry love bundle is available for a discount.



Scentsy Products Are Unique

If you’re new to Scentsy and have been wondering, what is Scentsy, or you’re a loyal customer, who purchases often, whatever your needs, Scentsy products are designed to cover every area of your life, regardless of the place or need. At home, when traveling, or at work Scentsy can change the way you think about scent. Scentsy Candles are awesome but Scentsy offers so much more than Scentsy warmers and wickless scensi candles. The Scentsy product line has expanded its fabulousness.

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